Dr. Ansley Booker

Director of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives is in Residence at the College of Pharmacy

Dear Student Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Scientists,

Over the past several years, painful and tragic events have increased our focus on racial, ethnic, and gender disparities, inequities, and injustice in all parts of life. We are one of the most diverse pharmacy schools in the country, which I believe is a great strength of our college and an opportunity for us to grow and set an example. Our motto is, “A Tradition of Excellence, A Legacy of Caring,” and we mean it, but we can do more to live up to our core values and ideals.

We have implemented programming and initiatives to address diversity, equity, and inclusiveness here at the College as a place of work and learning, how students experience their time here, and as an alumni experience.

Dr. Ansley Booker, director of diversity and inclusion initiatives and part of the University’s student affairs team, has generously agreed to make herself more readily available to you here at the College. She will be available on a scheduled basis.

Please contact her if you’d like to make an appointment.

(478) 301-2856

Dr. Booker will be here for anything you’d like to discuss—academic struggles, relationship or financial concerns, whatever is on your mind. We want all students to succeed, and as always, the faculty and staff, including me, are available to you.

Stop by sometime. My door is always open to you, and I’d be delighted to get to know you better.


Brian L. Crabtree, Pharm.D.