Alumni Awards

The College of Pharmacy Alumni Association presents several awards annually. Nominations are reviewed by the Awards Committee of the College of Pharmacy Alumni Association Board of Directors. The Awards Committee will then present a slate of nominees to the College of Pharmacy Alumni Board for review and vote.

Nominations are open for the following awards:

Distinguished Alumni Award

This award is the highest award presented to an alum who has been distinguished by achieving recognition for academic, scientific or leadership contributions in science, business, public service or otherwise; has demonstrated exceptional service to his/her community, and has shown exemplary support and service to the College of Pharmacy.

Young Alumni Award

This award recognizes the accomplishments of an alum who has graduated within the past 10 years and contributed in an outstanding manner to the College of Pharmacy and/or the College of Pharmacy Alumni Association.

Carlton Henderson Meritorious Service Award

Given in honor of V. Carlton Henderson, a great supporter of the College of Pharmacy, this award recognizes an alum who has served the profession of pharmacy and the College of Pharmacy in an outstanding manner and shown continued support through contributions of time and gifts, or to an individual who is a friend of the College and contributed in some outstanding way to the enhancement of the profession and College.

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