Continuing Education: Prescribing Controlled Substances

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Mercer University College of Pharmacy offers Appropriate Prescribing of Controlled Substances in an interactive online course. This program has been approved by the Composite State Board of Medical Examiners as fulfilling the requirements for an “appropriate prescribing” mini-residency for practitioners seeking reinstatement of professional licensure. At the present time, no continuing medical education credits are available for this program.

Appropriate Prescribing of Controlled Substances is designed to update physicians and dentists in the pharmacology, therapeutic use, abuse and appropriate prescribing of the major categories of controlled substances. Seminar participants include practitioners who are:

• Interested in upgrading clinical skills for prescribing drugs and chemical substances associated with high abuse potentials
• Involved in the treatment or rehabilitation of substance abusers
• At risk for being targeted by drug-seekers, and/or
• Seeking reinstatement of a professional license

During this program, participants will read and evaluate pertinent basic science and clinical literature pertaining to the appropriate use of controlled substances and participate in activities through discussions and email exchanges.

Goals and Objectives

Following completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of relevant factors associated with drug misuse and
    abuse and the etiologies of dependence on drugs and chemicals
  • Describe and discuss the clinical pharmacology and therapeutic use of controlled
    substances including stimulants, anabolic steroids, appetite suppressants,
    opiates, sedative-hypnotics, anxiolytics and ethanol
  • Recognize the physical and behavioral characteristics associated with substance
  • Discuss the legal basis of state and federal drug control policies related to
    prescribing, use and dispensing of controlled substances

Participants must have internet access and an email account. This program is provided on a continuous basis. Registration for the program can occur at any time, except during University holidays. At the conclusion of the course, a certificate of completion will be provided by the College.

Cost: $2,250

For more information or to register for this course, please contact or at 678.547.6174.