Student Concern Reporting System

We want everyone to have a positive experience during their time at the College. If you have had an experience or interaction that concerns you, please bring it to the attention of the Office of Student Affairs, led by Dr. Lea Winkles, Associate Dean.

You may do so in person or through our online reporting system.

When using this concern system, please remember:

  • Your concern should be communicated in a constructive manner.
  • Please be a specific. Generalizations are not as useful as facts supported by dates, time, locations, etc.
  • Serious accusations should be supported with concrete examples and may result in the transfer of your concern to other offices within the University (e.g., Title IX, Student Conduct Resolution).
  • Your concern is important to the Office of Student Affairs and will be addressed in a timely manner.
  • You are a student pharmacist and as such, you are held to the highest level of professional behavior. You have taken the Pledge of Professionalism and uphold the tenets of the pledge, the Oath of a Pharmacist and the Code of Ethics for Pharmacists.