Internship and Research Opportunities

Internship Opportunties

The Center for Clinical Outcomes Research and Education (CCORE) offers the following summer research and internship opportunities exclusive to Mercer student pharmacists who have a specific interest in pursuing careers in the pharmaceutical industry, managed care, health outcomes research or health policy. A competitive stipend is offered for all experiences.


  • All first- and second-year Doctor of Pharmacy students.
  • Preference will be given to students demonstrating an interest in the pharmaceutical industry, managed care or health outcomes research, including those who have completed or plan to complete elective course work in managed care (PHA 582) or the pharmaceutical industry (PHA 559).
  • Students must remain in good academic standing throughout the entire academic year to be eligible to participate in these summer programs. Students needing to remediate any classes will not be eligible.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Leadership initiative
  • Future professional goals
  • Participation in student organizations
  • Academic standing
  • Good communication skills
  • Pro-active approach and ability to work collaboratively and independently
  • Literature evaluation skills


  • Curriculum vitae
  • Letter of Intent (addressing the points below)
    • Why is this particular practice or function (i.e. pharmaceutical industry, managed care, research) important with respect to health care delivery in the United States?
    • Why would this experience be beneficial in your professional goals and aspirations?
    • What makes you the best candidate for this experience?
  • One professional letter of recommendation

Application materials should be submitted electronically to Dr. Bobby Jacob at by the first weekday after Jan. 1. Students will be selected to interview with a faculty panel at Mercer University. From these interviewees, finalists will be selected to interview directly with our external collaborators.

Internship sites

UCB — Medical Affairs

UCB is a global biopharmaceutical company focusing on neurology and immunology disorders. UCB seeks a pharmacy intern for Medical Affairs — Neurology at its U.S. headquarters in Smyrna, Georgia. The student intern will work closely with the Medical Affairs team on challenging work assignments and the management of daily workload on key deliverables while developing personal and professional skills by collaborating with UCB colleagues at all levels of the organization. This is a 12-week summer internship program. Tasks include:

  • Contributing to strategic review of medical literature to identify relevant data
  • Researching, developing and reviewing standard medical response letters
  • Assisting Medical Information with research for escalated cases
  • Collaborating on meaningful projects such as a quarterly report, industry research, proactive compendia review, insight compilation, slide deck development and style guide updates
  • Gaining an appreciation of the laws, regulations and policies within the pharmaceutical industry to ensure legal and compliant interactions with health care professionals

The Medical Affairs Company — Medical Affairs and Pharmacovigilance

The Medical Affairs Company‘s (TMAC) services include contract field-based medical teams, medical information and medical affairs consulting, all designed to address company resource, timing and budget challenges. TMAC, of Kennesaw, Georgia, develops strategic and creative solutions that meet the needs of today’s biopharmaceutical, diagnostic and medical device clients. TMAC realizes that not all programs are alike and customizes each program to the specific company’s culture, therapeutic area, product lifecycle stage and stakeholders needs. Tasks include:

  • Focusing in drug information and safety
  • Formulating and providing responses to health care providers and consumers
  • Recording case histories of adverse drug experiences
  • Assisting with product quality cases and investigations
  • Conducting literature surveillance and medical writing
  • Providing general support to pharmacist and nurse teams

North Georgia Rheumatology Group — Managed Care and Research

North Georgia Rheumatology Group is a physician group located in Lawrenceville, Georgia, on the campus of Gwinnett Medical Center. Comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services are provided to patients with autoimmune and connective tissue diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus, scleroderma and vasculitis; all forms of arthritis including gout, pseudogout and osteoarthritis; bone disorders such as osteoporosis; and musculoskeletal disorders. Treatment is customized to fit patients’ individual needs, so they can feel their best and reduce the risk of complications. The clinic is also a site for various clinical trials on biological and traditional pharmacologic therapies developed by the pharmaceutical industry. The intern will have the opportunity to be involved in the interactions between the medical practice and insurers gaining an appreciation for the complexity of specialty medicine. In addition, the intern will have opportunity to be involved in clinical research studies gaining an understanding of the regulatory and practical issues involved in conducting high-quality interventional trials. Other tasks include:

  • Completing prior authorizations and letters of medical necessity
  • Submitting clinical documentation to health insurers and pharmacy benefit managers
  • Submitting refill requests and prescriptions to pharmacies via electronic health record or phone
  • Communicating with medical assistants regarding best practices for refills, submission of prescriptions and documentation of clinical data
  • Identifying and locating a patient’s pharmacy benefit manager, health insurer or specialty pharmacy
  • Scheduling specialty pharmacy deliveries and submitting refill requests
  • Locating patient assistance programs and copay assistance for patients
  • Assisting with obtaining pre-certification for procedures and infusions
  • Assisting research coordinator in maintaining patient and study binders
  • Working with pharmaceutical assistance programs to obtain medication for patients
  • Attending pharmaceutical company-sponsored events
  • Researching alternative medication options when medications are not covered

InPharmD — Drug Information and Formulary Management

InPharmD is a mobile drug information center (DIC) in metro Atlanta that connects health care providers with customized literature search summaries from academic DICs throughout the nation. InPharmD looking for students with experience or interest in learning web design or SMART on FHIR to help us with design and Epic integration issues in Github. Students with a flexible schedule that allow for face-to-face or weblink meetings are best suited for this position, but most importantly, InpharmD wants students to be passionate about its mission to facilitate evidence-based medicine and eager to contribute ideas.

Center for Clinical Outcomes Research and Education

The mission of the Center for Clinical Outcomes Research and Education (CCORE) is to improve quality and outcomes in health care by providing pharmacy professionals the information and tools necessary to influence health care practice through research, education and professional growth. CCORE was established in May 2008 to develop a coordinated strategy for outcomes research and education. The first part of the CCORE strategy is to develop a program of research that supports improvements in medication use and health care. The second part is to provide education to patients, caregivers, health care professionals and decision makers who are best positioned to improve outcomes.

CCORE will accept one summer intern to work with faculty on various outcomes-related research projects during the summer. The intern will have the opportunity to work across a diverse range of health outcomes and clinical topic areas for primary literature evaluation, grant proposal development, statistical analysis of databases and manuscript development. Opportunities will be provided for the intern to tailor the experience to meet personal professional goals. This is a 12-week summer internship program based on Mercer’s Atlanta campus.

Additional Questions?

Please email any of the following faculty members:

Summer Research Fellowships

The summer research program is a training program in the pharmaceutical, administrative and clinical sciences designed to identify promising students and encourage them to consider research-oriented careers. Fellowships are available to assist students who wish to be actively involved in research endeavors during the summer term.

Program Description

The summer research program is a 12-week training program in the pharmaceutical, administrative/social and clinical sciences. The program is available to any eligible Pharm.D. student at the College of Pharmacy. The purpose of the summer research program is to identify and encourage promising students to consider research-oriented careers by immersing them in independent research projects under the direction of a faculty member. Specifically, the goals of the program are to increase the number of students who pursue post-graduate residency or fellowship programs, as well as graduate education leading to a Ph.D. degree in pharmaceutical, biological, chemical and administrative sciences.

Program Approach

To accomplish the program goals, eligible Pharm.D. students will:

  • Pursue research under the training and tutelage of a College of Pharmacy faculty member
  • Be supported through a stipend to permit full-time involvement in research activities
  • Prepare a final written report of their research results
  • Present a final oral presentation of their research results

Program Eligibility

The program is open to rising P2 and P3 Pharm.D. students. Students who have previously participated in the program are ineligible. Students MUST have a “B” average or better in all coursework completed. Students may not hold outside jobs during the 12-week summer research program that would conflict with their research involvement.

Program Timeline

Students are expected to be available full time to participate in the research under the direction of their faculty mentor during the 12-week period that lasts over the summer sessions I-II.

Training Grants

A $3,500 stipend will be provided to each student during the 12-week period. The stipend will be paid in two halves — at the six- and 12-week points. By accepting a stipend, the student agrees to this condition and understands that support will be terminated for violation of this agreement. The faculty member also will be allowed $500 to cover expenses related to the student’s research project.


An application, along with a list of advising faculty, is emailed to all students. (Missed it? Email Dr. Nader Moniri at Applications will be judged on:

  • The student’s credentials and personal letter of interest (weight = 20%)
  • The clarity of the research plan (weight = 40%)
  • The significance of the project (weight = 30%)
  • The feasibility of the project to yield results within the program timeline (weight = 10%)