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Think pharmacy is just counting pills? The possibilities in pharmacy are limitless. Critical care pharmacist. Investigational drug pharmacist. Surgical unit pharmacist. Poison control pharmacist. Neonatal pharmacist. Infectious disease pharmacist. Government agency pharmacist. And the list goes on.

Mercer University College of Pharmacy is Georgia’s pharmacy school. More than 60 percent of our alumni live and work in Georgia, and you’ll have many opportunities to interact with them through the College’s Professional Development Network, a program integrated into the curriculum that helps you define pharmacy and all it has to offer for you. So why not make Mercer’s College of Pharmacy your school?

The application process starts here. The College uses the PharmCAS application, a one-stop place for your application, transcripts and letters of reference.

Take note:

  • Official transcripts and letters of reference must be sent to PharmCAS.
  • At least two letters of reference must be submitted to PharmCAS (letters from pharmacists and college-level professors are preferred).
  • The Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT) is not required; however, applicants who want to provide further support of their academic preparedness can opt to submit their PCAT scores as part of their PharmCAS application using PharmCAS code 104.
  • International students or domestic students with credentials from institutions outside the United States are required to have those credentials evaluated by a professional evaluation service. This evaluation must include an analysis of courses, grades and grade point average, and U.S. degree equivalency. Mercer University accepts evaluations from World Education Services. An official evaluation report must be sent to PharmCAS for inclusion in your application.