Entrepreneurship Track

A constant hunger to make things better. Imagining new ways to solve problems and create value. Resourcefulness. Perserverance. Driven by an innate need to create, build and grow.

Those are the qualities of an entrepreneur. Are you an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship is not solely owned by the pharmaceutical industry; it's found in every corner of pharmacy--community, academia, pharmacy associations, and IT, among many others. 

If you want to define your path in pharmacy, consider enrolling in the entrepreneurship track in your P1 year. 


The Mercer University College of Pharmacy Entrepreneurial-Focused Track focuses on entrepreneurial innovation and is designed to develop leaders within the community and the profession of pharmacy.

Program Structure
To achieve distinction in the Entrepreneurial-Focused Track, students will be required to earn a passing grade in the following:

Required Courses (16 total hours):
a. PHA 305: Pharmacy Management (3 hours)
b. PHA 516: Advanced Community Practice (2 hours)
c. PHA 681: Advanced Community (5 hours)

Prerequisites for the following two Stetson School of Business and Economics courses are waived for Pharm.D. students enrolled in this special track: 

d. BA 625: Special Topics - Innovation Management (3 hours)
e. BA 684: Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship and Innovation (3 hours)

Elective Courses (7 total hours):
a. Choose at least 1 of the following (2 total hours):
i. PHA 505: Community Pharmacy Ownership (2 hours)
ii. PHA 529: Contemporary Compounding (2 hours)
iii. PHA 520: Veterinary Pharmacy (2 hours)
iv. PHA 583: Advanced Leadership (2 hours)

b. Choose at least 1 of the following (5 total hours):
i. PHA 603: Compounding (5 hours)
ii. PHA 605: Pharmacy Informatics and Technology (5 hours)
iii. PHA 649: Managed Care Pharmacy (5 hours)
iv. PHA 651: Leadership in Pharmacy Management (5 hours)
v. PHA 668: Pharmacy Association Management (5 hours)

Other considerations: Students must maintain a 2.75 GPA while enrolled in the track. Pharm.D. students who successfully complete the entrepreneurship track will receive special recognition on their transcript. The transcript will indicate that the student's major is Doctor of Pharmacy with a concentration in entrepreneurship. 

Interested? Contact Dr. Joshua Kinsey