Dr. Kenric Ware

Clinical Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice


  • B.S., Biology, Fort Valley State University
  • B.S., Medical Technology, Medical College of Georgia
  • Pharm.D., Pharmacy, Howard University
  • MBA, Master of Business Administration, South University
  • PGY-1, Pharmacy Practice, St. Joseph’s/Candler Healthcare System
  • PGY-2, Academic Administration, South University


  • PHA 463 Cardiovascular and Renal I Pharmacotherapy
  • PHA 464 Cardiovascular and Renal II Pharmacotherapy
  • PHA 467 Endocrine Pharmacotherapy
  • PHA 468 Infectious Diseases Pharmacotherapy
  • PHA 680 Ambulatory Care APPE


Born and raised in Atlanta, joining Mercer gave him a chance to come home.

Dr. Ware works with patients at the Grady Health System on their transition of care. “I want to make sure they know and understand their medications between getting discharged and seeing their doctor,” says Dr. Ware. “Sometimes patients are confused about their medication, so I try to ensure there’s no drop-off.”

Community engagement is close to Dr. Ware’s heart. He works with the Georgia Diabetes Coalition and the South Carolina HIV Planning Council, among others. He wants to develop partnerships with community-based organizations and get more students involved throughout the year.

You may see him running around campus in his free time or working on his tennis game. With two children, Dr. Ware and his wife keep busy, but he likes to relax with a good murder mystery.

Dr. Ware’s pick for something to do in Atlanta? “I feel like you have to go to The Varsity, right? Hearing ‘Whaddaya have,’ getting a frozen orange and a slaw dog – you have to experience it at least once.”

Professional Involvement

  • Kappa Psi

Selected Publications

  • Ware KB. Legislation and HIV PrEP/PEP prescribing for pharmacists: Considerations for the care team. American Academy of HIV Medicine: HIV Specialist. Spring 2023.
  • Ware KB. The role of college campuses in HIV PrEP uptake. Clinical Care Options. Available online on February 1, 2023.
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Contact Dr. Ware

(678) 547-6222