Dr. Pamela Moye

Clinical Professor of Pharmacy Practice

Chair of the Department of Pharmacy Practice

Dr. Pamela M. MoyeEducation


  • PHA 467 Endocrine Disorders
  • PHA 469 Pulmonary and Integument Pharmacotherapy
  • PHA 537 GI and Musculoskeletal Pharmacotherapy
  • PHA 539 Oncology, Toxicology, and Drug-Induced Disorders Pharmacotherapy
  • PHA 579 Global Health for Pharmacists

Teaching Philosophy

My passion for teaching is deeply rooted in my love for empowering others with knowledge. As a teacher, I have the responsibility to serve my students, the university and the field of pharmacy. I believe the most effective teachers have an extraordinary ability to combine an active learning approach with a stimulating learning environment. One of my goals as an educator is to balance classroom learning with practical, clinical applications.

I attribute my excellent education training, and experiences to several mentors in the pharmacy profession. I believe that with the right leadership, students can obtain an enjoyable yet challenging insight into the ever-changing field of pharmacy. The most effective method of learning for me as a student involved the use of team-based learning, where professional students learn the art of critical thinking while gaining an essential understanding of peer interaction. I would like to teach this way because I believe that students have an innate need for connecting with each other on an intellectual level. I also think that my role as a teacher should shift throughout the learning process. I strive to strike a balance between being an effective leader in the classroom and functioning as a facilitator, in order to foster discussion.

I urge my students to actively participate in pharmacy professional organizations from the local to national levels. I strive to instill in them the importance and necessity of continued education and lifelong learning. I am a living example of these practices. My students know that I am approachable, available to answer questions and genuinely invested in their academic success. I endeavor to be student-focused, competent, flexible and aware of uniqueness amongst my students. My ultimate goal is to prepare students to be competent and caring practitioners by giving them the training they need as well as the nurturing they deserve.

Selected Publications

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