Dr. Nicole L. Metzger

Clinical Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice

Nicole L. MetzgerEducation

  • Pharm.D., University of Georgia
  • Pharmacy Practice Residency (PGY-1), Virginia Commonwealth University Health System
  • Internal Medicine Specialty Residency (PGY-2), Virginia Commonwealth University Health System
  • Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist


  • PHA 555 Infectious Diseases II
  • PHA 670 Medicine Advance Pharmacy Practice Experience

Teaching Philosophy

The role of the professor in pharmacy education is changing. With the increasing reliance on technology for medication information dissemination, I believe the role of the pharmacy professor is to educate students by leading as an example. Instead of distilling information for students and disseminating that information through the lecture format, our focus should be on modeling how students need to use that information to best care for patients. These behaviors can be modeled in the classroom and experiential environments by demonstrating how pharmacists identify and resolve medication-related problems. Modeling our approach to problem solving is key to developing students’ critical thinking skills. Pharmacists use these skills on a daily basis to care for patients and run profitable businesses, and therefore, we owe it to our students to more effectively develop these skills for them prior to graduation.

We also can model other professional behaviors, such as efficient time management, synergistic teamwork, and effective communication skills. Students expect that we will meet the same expectations that we set forth for them and they should. We should develop activities that reinforce key concepts, meet deadlines, organize courses and course material logically, and put patient care above all else. How else can we train students to be the kind of practitioners we expect them to be?

Selected Publications

  • PubMed
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