Dr. T. Vivian Liao

Clinical Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice

Vice-Chair of Administration



  • PHA 328 Principles of Pharmacokinetics
  • PHA 450 Nervous System I
  • PHA 483 Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience II
  • PHA 555 Infectious Diseases II
  • PHA 557 Hematology and Oncology Disorders
  • PHA 672 Critical Care Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE)

Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher, my objectives are to instill knowledge and mentor students through their professional growth. Teaching and learning are interrelated processes that cannot occur independently. In order for an educator to be effective and to maximize teaching opportunities, I understand that as the educator, I must be knowledgeable on current standard evidence-based literature and clinical skills to have the widest versatility in all levels and forms of pharmacy practice.

I want students to be challenged in independent thinking, yet encouraged and excited to learn new concepts in applying didactic knowledge to clinical patient situations during experiential education and in the classroom. I wish for students and residents to develop critical thinking skills, which involve a proactive approach to seek for answers, rather than being provided answers. I utilize active learning strategies, including patient cases, to help students with clinical decision making. Also, I believe in the role of technology as a supplementary learning tool.

I believe in the pursuit of innovative teaching approaches and optimal assessment tools as a qualitative measurement of student performance. I welcome constructive feedback and am committed to a continuous self-improvement process.

Teaching is a way to be committed to the development of future practitioners and form lifelong active learners.

Selected Publications

  • PubMed
  • Rabinovich M, Burden D, Liao TV, Abraham P. Aerosolized prostacyclin vs inhaled nitric oxide. CHEST Physician. 2011;6(10): 16-7.

Contact Dr. Liao

Moye Pharmacy and Health Sciences Center, #213
(678) 547-6221