Dr. Martin J. D'Souza

Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Director of Graduate Program

Director of Clinical Laboratory

Co-Director of the Center for Drug Delivery Research

Dick R. Gourley Chair of Pharmaceutics

Martin J. D'SouzaEducation

  • B.S., Pharmacy, University of Bombay
  • Ph.D., Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy

Research Background and Interests

The D’Souza nanotechnology laboratory mainly focuses on the design of novel patented technologies to deliver nano vaccines via the oral, buccal, parenteral and microneedle based transdermal route. Examples include: viral vaccines such as influenza vaccines, HIV and human papilloma vaccines (HPV); bacterial vaccines such as pneumonia, meningitis, TB and typhoid; and cancer vaccines, such as breast, melanoma, prostate, liver and ovarian.

Recently, we also have been involved in tissue bio-engineering- applications including the use of cell encapsulation and thermo-sensitive gels for transplantation of pancreatic cells in diabetes.


  • PHA 328 General Principles of Pharmacotherapy
  • PHA 808 Pharmacokinetics
  • PHA 807/507 Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  • PHA 833 Advanced Pharmacokinetics
  • PHA 899 Doctoral Research

Teaching Philosophy

My love for teaching is what attracted me to academia in the first place. I am particularly pleased to see that students, who come in with little or no knowledge in a particular field, depart with a sound base. I hope to be able to foster the enhancement of knowledge necessary to enable students to become life-long learners. I also have been able to incorporate new technologies in the classroom in order to enhance the interactive learning environment that we find ourselves. I must say that with new innovations in teaching methodologies, this area will continue to be very exciting for me in the future. The classroom lectures are followed by in class activities such as problem solving exercises and breakout sessions, which results in a highly interactive learning process. I feel motivated to challenge students to think while focusing on practical learning as the ultimate goal.

Selected Publications

Contact Dr. Martin J. D’Souza

(678) 547-6353