New Scholarships for August 2023 Entering Students

For students entering in August 2023, the College now offers more than $450,000 in new scholarships.

  • Students who apply for the PharmD Program by February 1, 2023 for entry in August 2023 will receive priority consideration for the Crest and Summit Scholarships. Awarding of these scholarships is based on the student’s PharmCAS application and other criteria including but not limited to academic excellence, leadership potential and a commitment to serving others. Scholarship amounts vary. These scholarships are renewable for up to four academic years.
  • The Pinnacle Scholarship is awarded to a limited number of the most talented first-year students who are invited to apply to this scholarship upon acceptance into the PharmD Program. The Pinnacle Scholarship for the 2023-2024 year is $20,000. This scholarship is renewable for up to four academic years.

Here are some other great points about Mercer:

Mercer University College of Pharmacy has two entry points, January and August. If you will complete your prerequisites by December, you need not wait until August to start Mercer’s PharmD Program.

For example, begin in January 2024 and graduate in May 2027—a year earlier than if you wait to start in Fall 2024.

So how is the PharmD Program structured for students starting in January?

  • Orientation is early January, culminating in a White Coat Ceremony in which you will receive your white coat, signifying that you are a Mercer Student Pharmacist.
  • Your first semester runs from January  – May, the second semester, May – August. Your first-year classes are the same as for students who started in fall.
  • In August, you’ll be a second-year Mercer Student Pharmacist! You’ll join the rest of the second-year students—those who started the prior fall—for classes. You and your new classmates will move through the rest of pharmacy school together toward graduation.

Along with joining one of the most diverse student bodies of any pharmacy school in the country, you can take advantage of the following:

  • Our Atlanta location is abound with rotation opportunities, including large, statewide healthcare systems, pharmaceutical companies, managed care organizations and government agencies.
  • Exclusive to first- and second-year Mercer students are internships at UCB biopharmaceutical company, the Medical Affairs Company, InPharmD drug information service, North Georgia Rheumatology and Mercer’s Center for Clinical Outcomes Research and Education.
  • Choose to complete the entrepreneurship concentration, which focuses on innovation and leadership or one of four combined degree programs in the areas of Business (MBA), Public Health (MPH), Health Informatics (MSHI) or Pharmaceutical Sciences (PhD).
  • Thinking about a hospital residency post-graduation? Participate in our Advanced Clinical Track Program, which provides a challenging combination of advanced pharmacy practice experiences, one-on-one mentoring and research experience designed to help fourth-year students secure post-graduate residencies or fellowships. We also offer Residency Bootcamp where faculty provide you with information and tips on how to put your best CV and interviewing skills forward.

Here are your next steps:

The College uses the PharmCAS application, a one-stop place for your application, transcripts, and letters of reference.

  • Official transcripts and at least two letters of reference must be sent to PharmCAS (letters from college-level science professors and pharmacists are preferred).
  • The Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT) is not required; however, applicants who want to provide further support of their academic preparedness can opt to submit their PCAT scores as part of their PharmCAS application using PharmCAS code 104.
  • International students or domestic students with credentials from institutions outside the United States are required to have those credentials evaluated by a professional evaluation service (World Education Services is the preferred service). This evaluation must include an analysis of courses, grades and grade point average and U.S. degree equivalency. The official evaluation report must be sent to PharmCAS for inclusion in your application.

You can reach us at or 678.547.6232.