Why Mercer?

Whether you major in science or sociology, there's a place for you at Mercer's College of Pharmacy. From compounding chemicals to counseling and caring for patients, pharmacy is informed by science yet driven by the practice of educating and serving others and improving patient care. No other pharmacy school understands this better than us. And as we have learned, we have proudly led. So being your journey with us now and help lead the way in pharmacy practice. 

Mercer was the first pharmacy school in the Southeast to offer the Doctor of Pharmacy degree as its sole professional degree. 

Our innovative curriculum prepares students to become thought leaders in pharmacy practice, education and health care.

With a large and highly diverse and qualified applicant pool, a typical incoming class at Mercer represents more than 60  undergraduate universities--from Mercer to Duke to UCLA.

The Mercer research centers and the clinical laboratory focus on areas of clinical trials, drug delivery, drug design, drug information, pharmacogenetics, pharmacometrics and the advancement of teaching and learning.

Our student pharmacists not only become involved in the local community, they also are active on a regional and national level. Our students are active in 17 regional and national pharmacy organizations, and Mercer student pharamcists provide 13,000 hours of service to the local community.

Atlanta's health care industry in an excellent training ground for Mercer student pharmacists, providing a robust job market and exceptional training sites in all areas of pharmacy: world-class hospitals, leading retails and independent pharmacies and private industry pharmaceutical companies.

Mercer provides an extraordinary array of experiential learning opportunities, including international sites in Bahamas, England, Kenya and Japan.

Mercer estabablished the first PhD program in a private pharmacy school in the Southeast. We have one of the largest PhD programs in pharmaceutical sciences in a private pharmacy school in the country.

The Mercer Health Sciences Center offers oportunities for interaction among students in the pharmacy, medicine, nursing, public health, physician assistant, physical therapy, and clinical medical psychology programs. This multidisciplinary collabroation uniquely prepares Mercer student pharmacists for the future of health care.