Dr. Diane Nykamp

Professor of Pharmacy Practice

Diane NykampEducation

  • B.S., Pharmacy, Mercer University
  • Pharm.D., Mercer University


  • PHA 550 Musculoskeletal Disorders
  • PHA 552 Gastrointestinal Disorders
  • PHA 553 Pulmonary Disorders
  • PHA 556 Integument and Special Senses
  • PHA 575 Practice of Pharmacy V
  • PHA 576 Practice of Pharmacy VI
  • PHA 680 Ambulatory Care

Teaching Philosophy

I believe teaching is both personally and professionally rewarding, especially when a student is able to integrate their didactic knowledge into the practice care setting.

Didactic Teaching:

  • To teach students how to access relevant medical information and use it to support their therapeutic decisions.
  • To assist students in making therapeutic recommendations for a specific patient based case.
  • To incorporate active learning so the student can practice skills and gain confidence.

Experiential Teaching:

  • To prepare students to enter pharmacy practice or residency training with problem solving skills by immersing them in a real-world pharmacy practice experiences in order to solve patient care problems
  • To participate in the process known as “Learn, Do, Teach” (students learn new information or skills. Next, students are asked to apply the knowledge. Finally, they are asked to explain to someone else what they did and why).
  • Teach students how to deliver value-added benefits to the practice site by providing additional services such as patient education and counseling for prescribed medications, supplements and over the counter agents.
  • To become an effective and productive member of the interdisciplinary care team.
  • To act as a mentor to students who are high achievers.

Selected Publications

  • Nykamp D.L., Marshall L.L., Preparing scientific papers for publication: a guide for pharmacists writing a clinical review. The Consultant Pharmacist 2006; 21(5): 415-419.
  • Nykamp D., Marshall L.L., General Nutrition and Vitamins/Minerals. In. Textbook of Therapeutics. Eds. Helms R, et al. Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, 8th Ed., 2006, p. 721-748.
  • Anderson R.J., Nykamp D., Fatigue and drowsiness. In Nonprescription Handbook 15th Ed. American Pharmaceutical Association, 2006, Chap. 49, p. 1009-1045.
  • Nykamp D., Compton A., Preparing case reports for publication: a guide for pharmacists. Consultant Pharmacist 2006; 21: 231-236.

Contact Dr. Diane Nykamp

(678) 547-6219