Dr. Johnathan Hamrick

Clinical Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice

Director of Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences

Johnathan HamrickEducation

  • Pharm.D., Mercer University


  • PHA 381 Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience I
  • PHA 382 Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience II
  • PHA 484 Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience IV
  • PHA 585 Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience V
  • PHA 310 Pharmacy Law and Ethics
  • PHA 516 Advanced Community Pharmacy
  • PHA 650 Pharmacotherapy Case Conference

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy has been developed from my experiences as both a professor and a clinical preceptor. I feel that there are three main areas that need to be encouraged when teaching. These areas are active participation, facing the unfamiliar, and life-long learning.

It has been my experience that pharmacy school provides students with a vast amount of information to serve as the basis of their education but that which is not used is lost. I have found through active participation and practice students are able to solidify this information and turn it into useful knowledge.

Going along with active participation is facing the unfamiliar. I have found that students and pharmacist become complacent with what is familiar and comfortable. Without branching out and facing that which is unfamiliar, one fails to continue to learn and in essence becomes stagnant, as does the profession. An example of this would be vaccine administration. Many older pharmacists are content with not offering any vaccinations. Others are only comfortable with providing intramuscular influenza vaccinations. However, there are vast amounts of vaccines available that can be offered to patients, some of which are administered subcutaneously. Encouraging students to face that which is unknown early on in their pharmacy experience will help foster lifelong learning.

Life-long learning is essential for the livelihood of the pharmacy profession. The field as we knew it five years ago is no more and it will continue to evolve. Encouraging student involvement in pharmacy organizations and fostering their eagerness to learn and not become complacent is my passion.

Selected Publications

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