Academic Areas

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences seeks to be regionally and nationally recognized for the preparation of graduates to be competent pharmacy practitioners or pharmaceutical scientists.

  • Our educational mission is to provide a high quality learning environment to foster learning for professional and graduate students.
  • Our research mission is to contribute to the pursuit of knowledge in the pharmaceutical sciences and related fields.
  • Our service mission is to make meaningful contributions to the profession, the College, the University, the scientific community, and the public.


Department of Pharmacy Practice
The Department of Pharmacy Practice seeks to lead the nation in pharmacy practice, research and education by:

  • Educating and mentoring students by engaging them in stimulating classroom activities
  • Generating and encouraging participation in innovative pedagogical and clinical research and scholarship; and
  • Providing exemplary practice experiences to ensure that students develop the skills necessary to provide optimal medication therapy management and to prevent and resolve medication-related problems.