First Floor



• Interactive classrooms
• Auditoriums outfitted with today’s technology
• Break-out spaces for students
• More space for admissions and recruiting

Interactive classrooms, not fixed in configuration, will allow for more options in didactic teaching, including the ability of the teaching faculty to move among students while lecturing. Classrooms are designed to better facilitate team- and problem-based learning and other active learning strategies. A flexible and open building design will provide students with space for small-group meetings, break-out sessions, study group meetings and organization meetings and projects.

For admissions and recruiting efforts, a new building will catalyze our capacity to attract and enroll the best available talent to our programs. It will communicate that we are investing in our students’ educations by offering a new state-of-the-art facility. Students will understand that their education is cutting-edge in part because the building in which it is delivered is a modern facility with the latest technology.