Master of Science in Health Outcomes

Program Description

Mercer’s Master of Science in Health Outcomes (MSHO) is designed to provide unique
competencies that would allow the graduate to contribute to addressing current challenges
in health care delivery and policy. The program provides foundational instruction related
to core aspects of health outcomes research including biostatistics, epidemiology,
research methods, health economics, and health care delivery. All students will complete
the degree program with either a thesis or non-thesis capstone project that pulls together
curricular outcomes from the entire program. Students will have the opportunity to interact
with experienced academic faculty as well as leaders in health outcomes from the
pharmaceutical industry and health systems.

Student Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the program, the MERCER graduate will be able to:

  • Develop testable research hypotheses
  • Develop and evaluate analytical plans for testing the statistical significance of
    research findings
  • Demonstrate the ability to conduct a research project from inception to
  • Clearly articulate the methods, findings, and implications of research projects
    via oral and written communication
  • Possess a knowledge base and skill set that leads to employment and success
    in chosen career
  • Evaluate published literature, policy documents, and scientific research

Admission Process and Requirements

The College of Pharmacy uses a “rolling” admissions policy for the Master of Science
in Health Outcomes. Potential applicants are required to have completed a bachelor’s
degree program or higher, with a C grade or better, from a regionally accredited institution.
Potential applicants are also asked to submit their curriculum vitae or resume, a statement
of purpose, and a general application. Potential applicants should have a demonstrated
interest in pharmacy and health care services through degree programs (e.g.,
undergraduate major or graduate degree) or work experience.

While not required,potential applicants may submit a standardized test score that is no more than 5 years old
(e.g. GRE, PCAT, MCAT, LSAT). For an applicant from a country where the primary language is other than English; a minimum official TOEFL score must be submitted for
review. Submission of final official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended is
required prior to enrollment. Failure to submit any items required for enrollment by the
deadline will result in the offer of admission being rescinded.

Transfer Credit

Upon approval by the Program’s Director, up to 6 semester hours of graduate-level
credit may be transferred from other approved institutions. The student must supply a
transcript and the necessary descriptive materials from each course to the program’s
Director. The program’s Director will determine the equivalent course and the number of
credit hours accepted. Courses cannot be transferred for credit if: a) they have been taken
more than four years before admission to the M.S. program; or b) a grade below C (or the
equivalent) was earned.

Tuition, Required Fees, and Other Estimated Expenses

Tuition $750.00 per semester hour
Facilities and Technology Fee (per semester) $150.00

Health Insurance Requirement

All students are required to maintain health insurance coverage. In order to enforce
this policy, all students are automatically enrolled and charged for health insurance each
semester. This health insurance will be provided by the University’s sponsored student
insurance plan. Students are provided the opportunity to waive the student insurance
coverage and have this charge removed from their Mercer bill each semester if satisfactory
evidence is submitted proving that primary health insurance coverage exists. Information
on how to complete the insurance waiver process and deadlines for the process is
available on the Mercer website: Students
who do not submit proof of primary health insurance through the waiver process are
automatically signed up for coverage under the student insurance plan.

Application for Graduation

Students who expect to qualify for graduation must file applications for graduation with
Registrar’s Office in the semester prior to completing degree requirements.

Degree Requirements

  • Completion of the Master of Science in Health Outcomes curriculum (totaling 30
    credit hours) with a passing grade in each course and with at least a 3.0
    cumulative grade point average
  • Recommendation by the faculty of the College of Pharmacy
  • Payment of all financial obligations to the University