student travel reimbursement

The College acknowledges that viable professional organizations are essential to the wellbeing of the profession and contribute to the maintenance of high professional standards thereby assisting in assuring that health care professionals provide their patients with state‐of‐the‐art health care. 

Advanced Clinical Track (ACT)
Fourth-professional year students traveling to a state or national meeting for the purpose of presenting ACT-related research or work may be reimbursed one-half of the registration fee. The student will be reimbursed by the College as long as the ACT published procedures are followed. Read the ACT procedures and access reimbursement form


Student Organizations
The College of Pharmacy provides funding to student organizations to support attendance at one meeting/professional conference annually, generally for the annual national convention. Fourth professional year students are eligible for reimbursement after didactic classes begin in August if the student is attending the meeting/conference to represent the College based on elected service to the national organization. The student organization will be reimbursed by the College as long as the published procedures  are followed. Read the student organization procedures and access reimbursement forms.


Student Research
Students traveling to a professional meeting/conference outside of a student organization for the purpose of presenting research, may be eligible for reimbursement of expenses incurred through funds made available by the Office of Provost. Read Mercer University's student travel fund guidelines and access reimbursement form. Students are required to followed procedures published by the College and University in order to be eligible for these funds.   

Student Competition
Students representing the College as a team member at a state or national level competition may be reimbursed for expenses incurred. The student’s reimbursement is limited to transportation to and from the event and meals and lodging for up to two days/nights. The student will be reimbursed by the College as long as published procedures are followed. Read student competition procedures and access reimbursement form.