Research Centers

Center for Clinical Research
The purpose of the Center for Clinical Research is to discover and advance knowledge concerning the clinical use of drugs. The Center conducts phase I-IV clinical trials in healthy volunteers or in patients with specific disease states. One of the Center's main focuses of clinical research is testing new medications that could either improve or delay the memory impairment in patients diagnosed with probable Alzheimer's Disease. Other research activities include: hypertension, dementia, renal diseases, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, sickle cell anemia, and AIDS. The Center can accomplish studies in pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of clinical drug response, drug disposition and interaction, bioavailability, drug dissolution rates, and novel drug delivery systems.


Center for Drug Delivery Research
The mission of the Center is to promote a strong multidisciplinary team based approach to drug delivery, embracing a variety of activities in the broad area of drug formulation and delivery. Laboratories currently highlight research in the following areas: formulation/solid dosage forms, microsphere/nantechnology, vaccine delivery and transdermal delivery. The Center also works to increase awareness of drug delivery research by organizing seminars and offering consulting activities, thus providing an opportunity for Center members to interact with industry.


Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning
The Center's primary mission is to support and promote effective and innovative teaching that enhances learning at the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. The Center supports this purpose by facilitating faculty dialogue and continued education about learning and teaching methodology and the issues critical to effective teaching and learning; assisting faculty in examining and critically reflecting on their pedagogy; fostering the exchange of teaching techniques among colleagues; promoting the importance of teaching and learning at the College; informing the faculty of literature on teaching and learning; and encouraging the use of technology as a tool for learning in the curriculum. Access the CATAL website.


Center for Clinical Outcomes Research and Education
The mission of the Center for Clinical Outcomes Research and Education (CCORE) is to improve quality and outcomes in health care by providing pharmacy professionals the information and tools necessary to influence health care practice through research, education and professional growth.