New College of Pharmacy Building

We aspire to do more.

Our students receive a patient-centered education that prepares them for pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences careers in a competitive job market. They develop the problem-solving and critical-thinking skills that turn stellar students into distinguished alumni and practitioners. We are proud of our reputation and accomplishments to date and know they are built upon our commitment to teaching, research and service.

Taking pride in our past and current accolades, the College now aspires to do more.

Our current facility no longer meets our teaching and research needs due to the building’s age and physical limitations. The scheduling of required pharmacy lectures and our lack of available classrooms cause some larger courses to be offered in the Day Hall auditorium, located outside the current building. With its fixed theater seating, performance-style lighting and lack of electrical outlets for computers, Day Hall is not conducive to teaching and learning. Staggered scheduling of classes and capacity enrollment also mean that pharmacy students who are in different years of the professional degree program do not all interact. As a direct result of space limitations in the current building, they are not all in the same building at the same time for classes.

Building a state-of-the-art educational facility for the College of Pharmacy will greatly advance our teaching and research efforts and contribute to an enhanced student experience. A new facility will be a powerful signal to prospective students, faculty, community partners and potential funders that the College remains committed to providing a contemporary education for its pharmacy students.  

Pharmacy Building

The building showcases that the College practices excellence in everything it does, is forward-thinking and is focused on advancing the profession. A new Mercer University College of Pharmacy building is a physical sign of the College’s strength within the University and in the profession of pharmacy.

Pharmacy Building

Because of structural concerns in our research space, we are unable to acquire or install additional research equipment. The structure may not bear the load. The HVAC system is inconsistent, making it either too hot or too cold, affecting the quality and outcomes of research labs and experiments. By moving faculty offices into a new building, we will be able to renovate the DuVall Building to double our research space, enhancing our research capabilities and reputation.

A new educational building, coupled with a repurposed research space, offers plentiful opportunities for the future.