College Facts

  • The College of Pharmacy was ranked fifth among private pharmacy schools in the nation, according to U.S. News and World Report.
  • The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences has one of the largest PhD programs, with 45 students, in a private U.S. pharmacy school.
  • Pharmacy students participated in 37 international clinical rotations representing every continent in the world except Antarctica.
  • The College of Pharmacy conducts a Pharmacy Teaching Program (PTP) to all Atlanta area hospital-based pharmacy residents and current Ph.D. students.The primary goal of the PTP is to develop through practice the participants skills required to function in an academic setting.
  • Faculty publications totaled 80 including original research articles, book chapters, pedagogical articles, and review articles. 
  • Approximately 10% of all faculty in the College of Pharmacy are members of journal editorial review boards.
  • For all required classroom-based courses in the pharmacy program's curriculum, students' overall rating of classroom teaching effectiveness of faculty was at 4.34 based on a 5.0 Likert Scale. For all experiential courses in the final year of the pharmacy program, students' overall rating of teaching effectiveness of preceptors was at 4.49 based on a 5.0 Likert Scale.

College Annual Report and Highlights

Doctor of Pharmacy Program Measures of Student Achievement
Graduating Class of 2012-2016